Cane Vs Wood Furniture

Cane V/s Wood Furniture


It’s both exciting and challenging to dress up your home with new furniture or other furnishing items. Months of planning and hard work is involved in getting the right decor. Whether you are shifting to a new place or planning to revamp or redecorate your old house, that sense of freedom to give your house a style and personality according to your taste is a challenging one.

When buying furniture, what most of us do is simply pick the one that looks good. But it is a lot more than that. Here, in this article, we would talk about two types of furniture material and find out the difference between them.

Benefits of Cane Furniture :

– Created from the stem of bamboo plants, cane is used to manufacture lightweight furniture in appealing styles and designs.

– It is used widely to decorate the garden area or patio. Because it is lightweight, moving around cane furniture is not a difficult task.

– It is high on style and low on cost. Cane lounge chairs are seen most commonly in 5-star hotels around the world, courtesy the good look.

– The weave allows the air to pass freely, allowing the users back to breathe. Cushions can be used to beautify the look of cane furniture.

– Tables, benches and chairs can be easily made using cane. Furniture made from cane is sturdy and durable.

– Cane is a great choice for garden and patio furniture as it does not get affected by chemical and climatic reactions.

– It has a lifespan of more than 30 years making it a rewarding investing for you.

– Given its flexible nature, cane can be shaped to give any design, which means you can get as creative as you can with cane.

– Having a cane furniture to sit on is a healthy choice for those suffering from diabetes. Cane allows free movement of air and keeps the body fresh.

– Unlike solid wood furniture, cane is low on maintenance and needs occasional polishing.

Benefits of wooden furniture :

– Great for both and indoor and outdoor use, solid wood furniture is stylish and strong.

– The gorgeous natural look of solid wood makes it a popular choice in furniture material. The beautiful patterns and lines are covered with a protective layer of varnish to keep the beauty intact for years.

– Durable and strong in nature, wooden furniture would not ask for a replacement even when used rigorously.

– Wood furniture demands low maintenance. The dust and grimes can be easily cleaned using a washcloth. However, for stubborn stains, you might have to use branded cleaning products.

– They are nature-friendly and can be left easily on your patio even during extreme weather conditions.

– Though wooden furniture is pricey, it would prove to be a long-term investment, courtesy the durable and sturdy construction.

– Wooden furniture is eco-friendly and does not damage the environment like plastic and other harmful furniture material.

– To beautify the look of your wooden furniture you can use bright colored cushions.



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