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Why you should use Cane Furniture for your Interiors


Cane furniture which is also known as Rattan furniture or wicker furniture is basically made of the stems of the rattan plant. Cane is the raw material from rattan plant and it is tensile and durable. It is therefore considered to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture. As it is quite versatile, it can be designed according to modern trends and styles to enhance both indoor and outdoor decor.

Here are some strong reasons to introduce Cane Furniture in your Interiors

1.Light Weight

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One of the greatest advantages of rattan furniture is that, its light in weight. It can be carried around from one place to another quite easily as it is light in weight and available in different attractive varieties.

2. Low Maintenance

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Unlike other wooden furniture which requires frequent polishing and maintenance, wicker or rattan furniture requires low maintenance. All that it requires is an occasional polishing to retain its charm and elegance.

3. Eco-friendly


Most people prefer to buy wicker furniture as it is environment friendly. It includes the use of natural materials which is derived from the stem of the large rattans. It is a climber palm which is found in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

4. Versatile


Rattan furniture can be shaped and designed into different types of furniture. It has the power to transform the decor of a home or office space with its incomparable versatility. It can be used to make different types of furniture that can be placed in any part of the room or garden.

5. Resistant to the vagaries of the weather


It is mostly used in garden and patios as outdoor cane furniture as it has the immense ability to resist all types of climatic changes. It is seldom affected by climatic changes although it should be placed away from direct heat and sunlight as it might become brittle. It is also water-resistant and rustproof.

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