Why Cane Furniture ?

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Why Cane Furniture ?

The art of caning or wicker furniture dates back to centuries. From Egyptian pharaohs to Victorian kings, caned furniture has made it to castles and palaces along with homes and hotels. You can still find caned chairs in the waiting lounge of a 5-star hotel or on the patio of a lavish outdoor restaurant.

Wicker is often misunderstood as the material, of furniture; however, it is the weaving technique which is used to weave furniture including chairs, tables, and other items. The material of wicker strings is bamboo-like material, it can either be rattan, reed, willow or bamboo and it is usually grown in central Asia.

While, caned furniture is mostly used in outdoor, natural setting because of its natural origin, it is also perfect for indoor use. There are many advantages of wicker furniture that makes it stand out from other commercial grade wooden, plastic, or metal furniture. From easy maintenance to durability with Caning Repair, this type of furniture optimize functionality with aesthetics.

If you are thinking about replacing your furniture and are considering caned furniture among options, here are five convincing benefits of investing in it.

1- Appearance and Style

One of the most distinctive features of the caned furniture is its evergreen appearance and style. Caned furniture never grows out of fashion because of its natural, artistic, and elegant looks. The wicker or weaving patterns in a caned furniture vary, and it is also a kind of skill that only professionals hold.

Because the bamboo strings are made of natural material, the caned furniture fits perfectly in a natural setting such as outdoor setting and complements the character of the space. In the indoors, it invites an outlook of nature to the inside of the home. Some people use cushions or seats to decorate chairs and tables, enhancing their appearance. So, the appearance and style of wicker furniture make it a preferred choice for people.

2- Lightweight, Easy to Move Around

If you need to move your indoor or outdoor furniture around, you must choose lightweight furniture. Made from bamboo sticks or bark of rattan tree, the cane is an extremely lightweight material. You can easily move the furniture without any help. Lightheartedness is one of the reasons that people use caned furniture in their lawns, outdoors or their patios. People can easily lift chairs and table, and it is less heavy than metal and wooden furniture.

3- Inexpensive and Artistic

Caned furniture is a cost-effective solution as the cane and furniture frames are available at affordable rates. However, wicker is an art, and only a few skilled persons are aware of it. It takes time and effort to weave pieces of furniture. As a result, the artistic furniture reflects manual labor and stands out from other types of commercially produced furniture.

4- Durability and Caning Repair

It is furniture that not only stays in fashion but is bound to serve for many years. The furniture can easily last for one to three decades with proper maintenance. You may need to hire Caning Repair services if the wicker loosens or straws are broken. Caned furniture is easy to maintain, but you must make sure early repairs to avoid replacements. If you let the straws break or loosen up for a long time, you may need to replace the chair completely.

Also, the cane should be treated to avoid excessive moisture absorbance and must be water-resistant.

5- Sustainable Furniture

As caned furniture is made from natural materials and utilizes natural techniques, it is not harmful to environment. As the wicker allows air to pass, it also lets the back of the person sitting on the seat to breathe, preventing sweating. Overall, the caned furniture is environmentally sustainable and safe for use.

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